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If you are serious about genealogy, then you will want to display your research in the best way possible. WorldAncestors offer you your own internet platform powered by TNG - The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding, the most powerful and flexible online software available. We also offer beautifully designed and printed family history books so you can share your findings with all the family. So give your ancestors a good home. After all they have given you, they deserve it.

Share your research with
all the family

Have your family history research made into a beautifully designed and printed book that you can share with all your family and friends. An ideal special gift that will be looked at for years to come.
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A family history website with your own web address

your web address
Your own personal family history website powered by TNG - the most powerful and flexible family history software available, with exclusive new design templates not available anywhere else.
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7 day trial
Access all the features of your own family history website during the trial period.
This offer has been extended and will end on 31 July 2014.
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  • Historical Events for 28th July 2014 Mon, 28 Jul 2014 06:00:01 -0500
    1882 - Richard Wagner's opera "Parsifal" premieres in Beirut
    1904 - Rafael Reyes becomes dictator of Colombia after losing Panama
    1928 - 9th Olympic Games open in Amsterdam
    1930 - 114°F (46°C), Greensburg, Kentucky (state record)
    1932 - President Hoover evicts bonus marchers from their encampment
    1973 - Jane Blalock/Sandra Palmer win Lady Angelo's 4-Ball Golf Tournament
    1974 - 69 die when packed bus strikes heavy truck (Belem, Brazil)
    1989 - NASA's Lewis Research Center, Cleve, announce new high-temperature superconductors able to operate at 33 to 37 Gigahertz
    1990 - Alberto Fujimoro installed as president of Peru
    1990 - Blackout hits Chicago

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